Strategic HR – Motivation is a feeling

There is no HR strategy – only business strategy.  It’s how HR supports the business strategy that is important.

The Theory

Organisations are made up of jobs with someone performing it to provide an outcome that, along with all other jobs and outcomes, will ensure the organisation achieves its overall purpose.

It sounds simple, but it isn’t.  Job holders have feelings which affect the way they “show-up” mentally and physically.  This results in behaviours that will either support or obstruct the overall organization’s objectives and purpose – just depending on how they feel.

Why is it then, that more time is spent on setting goals and measuring performance than on the fundamental thing that affects success?  Feelings!  After all motivation is a feeling.

Employees who feel good perform well, are productive, motivated and derive a sense of purpose in what they do.  Everyone has both a rational and an emotional relationship with their employer, and when people feel valued and engaged, they work harder, longer and are loyal, i.e they don’t leave.

Achieving the organization’s strategic goals therefore depends on how motivated employees feel. Link and align their personal goals and objectives with those of the organization’s and we have a winning combination.

Feeling isn’t to be confused with emotion.  You can express how you feel, without being emotional about it.

I am not suggesting that CEOs become Chief ‘Emotional’ Officers, but I do I advocate that giving appropriate consideration to employee feelings is an essential part of building and sustaining a successful organisation.

I offer expertise in this dynamic element of organisation development which also supports other services:

  • Recruitment, attraction, assessment and appointment
  • Remuneration and Reward
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Organisation Restructuring
  • Change management
  • Post-acquisition Integration
  • Employee Engagement and Communications
  • Soft skills Training

This is what makes the Headwins approach unique and powerful, giving you a real competitive edge.