Coaching – What is that exactly?

Putting it simply it means working with individuals and teams to help them achieve their full potential.  It’s not unlike a coach working with an Olympic athlete, making high performers achieve more.

Working with individuals

I work at three levels with clients, both privately and in a corporate setting:

1. What – At this level, I work with individuals to achieve a specific outcome, through defining and supporting the accomplishment of tasks.

2. How – At this level, I help individuals develop a competence in preparing for an important future change such as a new job or promotion, or an event such as an important job interview, or presentation.  The key here is that what is learned will benefit the individual well into the future after the coaching has ceased.   It’s about learning.  This is particularly beneficial where someone may have to make changes to thrive in a new environment, job or situation.

3. Who – At this level, I help individuals become who they want to be.    By that I mean helping in situations where  significant change is sought, a shift in perspective or seeing things differently. Those who are frustrated and unhappy because of a lack of progress.  Tomorrow is full of promise.

I offer tailored interventions to help cut through real and/or imaginary forces that are holding or pushing people back.

Bad habits, difficult relationships and a general sense of inadequacy and belief in oneself are commonplace.   They are often born out of limiting beliefs we impose on ourselves.  I help people reach their destination.

I have over 35 years’ experience in Human Resources, combined with coaching and NLP skills, so trust me when I say, I know what people are going through.

I work with teams

Imagine what would be possible, when every individual is performing and contributing to the best of their ability towards achieving team goals or longer term strategies.

Imagine, what would be possible if internal communication and engagement improved drastically.  Consider the benefits and efficiencies the business will gain in terms of time and bottom line improvement. 

How will it feel when your clients start calling you because they like doing business with you and not just because of price?  Your clients like you because you understand them and they see real value in their relationship with you.

This is the added value you will get when you work with headwins.  Together, we will achieve heightened awareness and improved performance. 

If you want more options and choices in future for yourself, your team and organisation to create a more compelling future, then work with me.

How do I do it?

I work with clients both individually and with teams, normally with senior and mid-level leadership and management teams to help them improve their performance and become the best they possibly can be.  I help identify, define and then exploit all the skills and resources each individual brings to the team.  In my experience, many of those resources remain hidden and under-utilised.

Just as every one of us and our challenges are unique, so too are coaching and change interventions.  I tailor each intervention to make sure you get what is right for you and for the team.

With Individuals

With individuals, a coaching intervention will normally last up to six months.  I start with an in-depth face to face discussion lasting up to two hours to determine the presenting issues and discover the root cause, because in many cases, the behaviour or problem is simply a manifestation of the root problem. 

This will determine whether or not coaching is appropriate.  Sometimes, a psychometric test or two may be completed. 

The coaching will then involve up to 10 meetings either face to face, using Skype or by phone, over a 4 – 9 month period depending on the work to be done.  We will agree a coaching plan and methodology and the period of time over which we will work together.  An important part of this process involves setting clearly defined, positively stated, ecological goals that are achievable.

Your objective is to develop and learn vertically so that the process facilitates excellence in what you do, self observation and self-generation to ensure your continued future development after the coaching has stopped.  We identify and address the root cause, so the intervention will have far reaching affects and benefits on more than just the problem initially presented.  This means that both work and private life are improved.

With Teams

I work with the group over two or three separate workshops over the same 6 month period, making sure that team and individual objectives are aligned

I focus on successful outcomes by challenging hard.  I do this because behavioural change cannot be affected simply by an occasional one hour session.  It’s a lifestyle and or habit change that is very often sought and needed, and this can only come about when the vast resources of the unconscious mind are marshalled and exploited and aligned with the conscious mind. 

My business knowledge supports my understanding of the issues and brings context to the intervention.  I then employ a number of powerful coaching techniques including Integral Coaching, NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and where appropriate some hypnosis. 

I start by agreeing with each client what the best tools and techniques would work best given individual preferences and the issues to be addressed, to assure the best outcomes.  Coaching is done with you, not to you.

The results can be awesome; because you will learn how to quickly establish rapport with people you deal with, make very effective use of language and acquire an astute level of observation and self-awareness, which is very powerful in developing and sustaining relationships.   This is so in both personal and professional scenarios

I am not and do not operate as a therapist, for example as in cognitive behavioural therapy and I do not require the content or details of the issues that may be responsible for holding you or the team back.  Integral coaching, NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and light hypnosis are all very powerful in their application, gentle in their process and enjoyable to experience.

For an informal, confidential chat, please call or email me.

Now, what if you didn’t engage Headwins? 

Well, I predict no change and ‘more of the same’, which in today’s environment isn’t really an option is it?  I might also end up working for the competition!

Anyone can fly with a tail wind behind them because it carries them to where they are going.  As the Henry Ford quotation asserts, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”.

I will help you to take off into the headwind and reach your destination!

So don’t just wait for the wind to change direction, contact me for an informal and confidential discussion.  You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain.