Why Engage Headwins?

Nature is very rarely kind enough to help carry you to your destination with favourable tail winds.  And so it goes in life where you might find yourself in a situation where you feel like you are battling against head winds. Progress may be slow but the important thing is that you keep going.  You have to lean-in to the problem and use your head and resources to win through.  It’s where the name ‘headwins’ comes from.

People don’t fear change, they fear perceived loss that may be associated with change.  I help shift perceptions, and with that, a shift in behaviours and with the right behaviours, relationships are more effective.  The result is that perceived and anticipated problems just don’t materialise.

At the other end of the spectrum, people and teams seek change that isn’t happening for them.  I help put them on the ‘cause’ side of the cause and effect equation, to initiate and drive the necessary changes they seek.

I established headwins to help teams and individuals achieve their very best and in doing so, realise successful achievement of their plans, goals and objectives. I work with individuals and teams who may be doing well, but want to do better and give them a competitive edge.

I also work with those who are stuck in an unwelcome state and those who might be battling or struggling with what life is throwing at them.  I offer tailored interventions to help cut through the real and imaginary forces that are holding or pushing back.

Obstacles can manifest themselves in the form of bad habits, difficult relationships and a general sense of inadequacy and belief in oneself.   They are probably born out of limiting beliefs you impose on yourself.  Headwins can help you reach your destination.

When you engage headwins

When you decide to engage headwins, amongst other things you will benefit from:

  • Improved personal performance in whatever context that may apply to you
  • Heightened awareness and understanding of yourself and others. 
  • More meaningful and effective relationships with colleagues, clients, family and friends
  • Help to propel you into your resource zone, so you can make the most of your opportunities.  Consider how your life will look once you’ve secured those opportunities.

Don’t let another year pass by where you once again look back and regret that getting help was just another thing you wish you’d done.  Guilt, frustration, procrastination and feeling overwhelmed are all common but undesirable negative states many people get stuck in.   

Headwins will help pull you from that sinking state onto firm ground from where you can take solid strides to meet your goals and objectives and move to create or take advantage of opportunities.

Place yourself firmly on the ‘cause’ side of the cause-and-affect equation.  No longer be the victim of circumstance.  Create the environment you need to achieve your goals.

These are just some of the very powerful benefits of engaging headwins.